Twelve Ways to Stand Out at Work

Twelve Ways to Stand Out at Work

Your office is filled with people, each one wanting to climb the corporate ladder just as much as you do. Unfortunately, there's only so much room on each rung--you need an edge. Here are 12 ways you can stand out among your fellow employees:

  1. Listen to others. Zip your lips and let your ears do the work. This trait is so rare, it alone will help you stand out.

  2. Don't waste air space. If you have something to say, make sure it adds value to the conversation--no talking about your neighbor's annoying toy poodle during productivity meetings.

  3. Don't yammer. Be this point.

  4. Dress the part. If you look like a successful business person, you're likely to be treated more like one. If you look like Huckleberry Finn, well, let's just say that's not the standing out you want to do.

  5. Be respectful. Treat everyone from the CEO to the parking attendant with the respect they deserve as members of the human race.

  6. Don't gossip or complain about others. The people you gossip with will eventually gossip or complain about you anyway, so why participate?

  7. Stop looking at your phone. Nothing says, "I care more about my Instagram account than I do about you" like checking your notifications every third sentence.

  8. Give credit where credit is due. Everyone is anxious to take credit; if you share credit with those who deserve it, you will gain the admiration of others.

  9. Learn proper manners. Please, thank you, and excuse me are always in vogue. So are proper table manners--you don't want to stand out by being the person nobody can tolerate sitting by at lunch.

  10. Be trustworthy and honest. If you say you'll bring three dozen donuts to the staff meeting on Friday morning, do it. If you say you'll have a 30-page white paper written in three days, make it happen.

  11. Don't make empty promises. If it's not possible to complete a 30-page white paper in three days, be upfront about it.

  12. Stand up straight. You grandma was right--proper posture shows confidence and commands respect. There's a reason George Washington was never painted addressing Congress from an armchair.

Stand out at work by being confident, a good listener, and respectful. Even if it doesn't nudge you up the corporate ladder a bit, it will help you gain the respect and admiration of your co-workers and employer. After all, everyone admires the person who never forgets the donuts.