Tips on Job Hunting That Will Land You Your Dream Job

Tips on Job Hunting That Will Land You Your Dream Job

Job seeking can be frustrating, exhausting and worrying all at the same time. It can be so tough to feel like you are getting nowhere fast, even though you have the qualifications, the resume and the motivation to match. While these tips won't guarantee job success, they may help highlight some areas where you have been getting it wrong.

Facebook is an excellent platform for job hunting, particularly with the variety of employment groups around. It demonstrates motivation and drive to advertise your skills on such forums, but be careful of displaying negativity online. Examples are where job seekers speak poorly of past employers or talk down on employment services for their lack of assistance. Placing blame elsewhere conveys irresponsibly and lack of control over your own life journey, and can be viewed as unsavory behavior by potential employers.

Also, unfortunately people are still judged by their covers; that is the way they present themselves for interview. We live in a climate that Satan would struggle without sunscreen in, but that doesn't mean thongs and board shorts are suitable interview attire. Ensure you dress well for interview, or in fact even for resume drop offs. Presentation is everything.

References are an absolute must these days; don't bother applying for roles if you do not have your references in order first. It is frustrating for an employer to have to chase these down, so at application stage, gain permission firstly to utilize a reference, and then ensure you have correct up to date contact details. If obtaining a work reference proves too much for an employer, you may run the risk of them abandoning your application in favor of someone else's.

Always follow up and obtain feedback from interviews. This is most important when you have been unsuccessful for a role. Treat each interview as a valuable learning experience, and channel your feedback into next interviews prep. Take any constructive criticism and use it to make future job hunt experiences more positive. Best of luck!