Reduce Employee Downtime by Being Prepared for D-Day

Reduce Employee Downtime by Being Prepared for D-Day

Monday morning, and you just came back from a holiday trip to visit family. Turning on the light, you find water dripping from the ceiling, the walls and equipment damaged, and you can hear water flooding down the stairway to your first floor. Now is the time to get acquainted with the services of a damage recovery and restoration company.

Damage restoration companies specialize in recovering businesses and homeowners after a disaster strikes, damaging their office, store, or house. Some of these restoration companies specialize in flood control and water damage, some in fire restoration, and some offer services running the full gamut from plumbing to carpentry to medical waste cleanup.

Most restoration companies are on call 24 hours a day, and are equipped to respond within just a few hours after the damage occurs.

After a fire or flood, one of the essential services the company can provide is securing the property, either by replacing a broken door or window, or boarding up holes temporarily so no more damage can happen until the actual restoration can start.

In a flooding situation, one of the biggest problems that the restoration contractor will face will be removing the water from the property so no further damage to the structure or furnishings can occur. A full-service recovery company will have pumps of varying kinds available, as well as vacuums, mops, etc., along with the personnel to prevent the water from further wrecking the building.

When the company arrives on the scene of the disaster, they will be prepared to inspect the business or home, to locate the source of the water. It could be obvious, such as a ?river out of its banks or part of the roof blown away by a heavy storm, or it could be a mysterious flood emanating from the walls, meaning somewhere there is a broken water line?, according to A. Messe Supply, the experienced plumbing supply in Chicago. The contractor will have immediately available access to the appropriate sub-contractors to get the source of the water contained or blocked from re-entering the building.

Once the situation is under control and no further damage is likely, restoration starts in earnest. Everything from cleaning to reconstruction to replacing a foundation may be necessary after a flood.

Your carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture will likely need cleaned to get any possible mold or mildew out of the material. You will also need a contractor versed and experienced with potential mold situations in the wood, drywall, or hiding in the concrete caused by being exposed to the water. These professionals will assess if cleaning or replacement will be required, and what method will be most effective.

You may need to bring in carpenters, plumbers, electricians and concrete contractors to repair the property, and the restoration company should have a list available of contractors who can respond quickly, or perhaps they will have their own crews.

No one likes to think they will need the services of a restoration contractor, but when your home, office, or shop are damaged by fire, flood, or wind, knowing who the reputable companies are in your area will be a relief to you, your family, and your employees.