How to Start Your Career When you Have No Experience

How to Start Your Career When you Have No Experience

It is the classic Catch-22 of the business world - employers are reluctant to hire workers with no experience, but those same workers cannot get experience without getting hired. So how do you break the cycle and convince those reluctant employers to take a chance on you?

As with everything else in the world of business, there is no one right strategy, and no single approach that will work in every case. You are a unique individual, and you will need to draw on your uniqueness to get your foot in the door and convince wary employers to take you seriously.

One of the smartest ways to win over reluctant employers is through the freelancing approach. Employers who are unwilling to add you to the payroll may be open to a consulting or freelance relationship - one where you work as an independent contractor while you prove yourself.

Using temporary assignments is another way to get your foot in the door. If a company you want to work for uses temps, sign up with the employment agency they use and start making your case. Once the company sees how hard you were willing to work, they just may change their minds and give the full-time gig you crave.

Getting that elusive first job is never easy, but you only have to do it once. The upside of this Catch-22 is that once you have experience, potential employees are likely to look at you with less skepticism and a greater willingness to hire.