Four Ways to Get Noticed at the Office

Four Ways to Get Noticed at the Office

Do you have a desire to have a long-term career with your company? Are you interested in climbing the corporate ladder? If so, you need to set yourself apart and show that you're all in and that you'll be an asset to the company. But first of all, you need to be noticed by the decision makers.

Here are some tips on how to get noticed by the higher-ups:

Solve problems

When you see an issue that costs the company money or takes more time than it should, come up with specific solutions to save money and time. Most people like to complain about what's wrong, so when you have a more positive approach, you'll be noticed.

Speak up

Don't sit in meetings checking your watch every couple of minutes. Instead, be engaged and speak up when you have an idea that needs to be shared.

Support your coworkers and leaders

If you show your ability to work with people at all levels with your company, the bosses will see you as prospective management material. This is a much more positive approach than being cut-throat, and the managers will appreciate your diplomacy.


Whether your company is looking for someone to head up the office picnic or needs someone to represent them at a community event, be the first to raise your hand.