Five Essential Qualities That Make Entrepreneurs Different From the Rest of Us

Five Essential Qualities That Make Entrepreneurs Different From the Rest of Us

We have all watched in wonder as the entrepreneurs around us start businesses, create great products and live out their dreams by serving others. But what makes those exceptional men and women so special? Do they emerge from the womb with the entrepreneurship gene, or was their desire to start businesses and push boundaries nurtured over the years.

As with all things, the answer probably lies somewhere in the middle. With that in mind, here are 5 of the most important qualities entrepreneurs tend to have in common.


Far from being rigid, successful entrepreneurs are always looking for new and creative ways to do things. They see things differently, and society is better for it.

Comfort with Risk

Where mere mortals see danger, entrepreneurs see opportunity. Comfort with risk and the willingness to engage in risk taking behavior are both hallmarks of the entrepreneurial mindset.

Team Building

No entrepreneur succeeds by themselves, and the best ones work hard to assemble teams of experts. This team building is a vital part of success as an entrepreneur.

Emotional Intelligence

Entrepreneurs tend to be a smart bunch, but they also possess high levels of emotional intelligence. They are able to read people, find out what they want and create products that will meet needs they never knew they had.

A Great Work Ethic

Entrepreneurs are willing to work hard to achieve their dreams, getting up before dawn and staying at the office until long after dark. While the rest of us are in bed, successful entrepreneurs are busy dreaming up new products and new ways of doing business.